Mini Cooper S TVS900 8 RIB pulley

Mini Cooper S TVS900 pulley

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Thought we were over with pulleys? No, we have one more up our sleeve!

We design our 8 RIB TVS900 pulley to avoid belt slip even at the smallest sizes.
Have you upgraded your Mini with a TVS900 Supercharger? If yes, we have
one of the coolest pulleys on the market, made exclusively for the TVS900
Supercharger optimizing its boost to perfection!Let us give you an
example: our entry-level 60mm TVS900 Supercharger Pulley will give you
a good power!What do you think? Not
enough choice? We have a vast selection of larger sizes as well. You can
choose among 55mm, 58mm, 60mm, 62mm and 65mm. But that’s not all!If you have anything custom made in mind, just
contact us and we’ll find a perfect setup solution for sure!Oh, yeah, I
almost forgot… TVS900 Superchargers are also available in our shop on
your request.

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