Wheel spacers Peugeot 208 Rally 4 Tarmac Version

Wheel spacers Peugeot 208 Rally 4 Tarmac Version



Enhanced Spacer Set for Peugeot 208 Rally 4 Tarmac Version

Due to a design flaw in the front axle wheel hub of these cars, it’s common for the standing bolts to break, resulting in a wheel detaching mid-race.

This is highly dangerous, and having experienced this unpleasant situation ourselves with one of the rental vehicles during a race, we immediately developed a better version of the front spacers after identifying the design flaw.

Our spacers are designed based on years of experience with more than 50,000 km of racing across Europe. Our company has been professionally involved in vehicle improvements for over 20 years, and we’ve encountered our fair share of broken bolts in our early racing days. Therefore, we developed and tested the wheel spacers in various directions to achieve optimal results.

The set includes two inner and two outer spacers for Peugeot 208 Rally 4.

The spacers are the same dimensions as the originals, but we can adjust the width of the outer spacers according to customer requests for specific driving characteristics of their vehicle.

Please note that according to FIA regulations, the choice of wheel spacers is free, so our spacers will also comply with Rally technical inspections.

Weight 1,2 kg

15 mm

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65,1 mm

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