Mini Cooper S OEM pulley

Mini Cooper S OEM pulley

89,00  100,00 


This version is for true MINI enthusiasts, and for a reason!First of all,
it comes with specific tolerances and it’s a “fit and forget” upgrade.
The second secret is hidden in its name.
It looks just like an OEM one, but you can’t tell the difference!Is your
wife questioning your need for a new pulley? Just say the old one was
worn out!Do you do a lot of track days? Play a joke to a neighbouring
guy in the pits and tell him you are driving a stock car and then
honestly beat him on track!He will be green with envy of your Lewis
Hamilton like driving skills!Still not worth it?
In the end, it always comes down to the law. Many countries around
the world have bans on modifying engines and parts. With this pulley,
there’s not a soul in the world that could tell the difference between
the OEM and the “Incognito” one!Believe me!Convinced yet?!