Adjustable lower engine mount MINI Cooper and MINI Cooper S 2001-2006

Adjustable lower engine mount


While we modified the engine we get much more torque who’s want to
turn around your engine when you push the throttle. Due that we test
over 8 years this Lower Engine Mount on all our road and race cars. And
what`s that? A very, very important component!As we all know, Minis are
not meant to be driven lightly, they are meant to be driven seriously to be
precise, especially on track. But driving hard means that some OEM parts
will eventually wear down even quicker than expected, the engine mount
is no exception. The constant back and forward shakes of the engine and
gearbox eventually have to pay a toll, and the OEM parts do not help a lot
preventing this from happening. But leave your worries at home, we are
here to help!Our custom built Lower Engine Mount is durable as hell.
But wait!Aren’t there already lower engine mounts on the market? Yes
they are but that’s our cherry on top. The KAVS Motorsport Lower engine
mount can be adjusted in lenght!Yes, you will be able to move your engine
a little bit and make room for the exhaust manifold when you fit stronger
stabiliser or you can make space for a Turbo. Quite a feature, isn’t it!