Mini Cooper S supercharger pulley

Mini Cooper S reduced supercharger pulley


These beautifully crafted Premium Pulleys are the latest version of our
supercharger pulley range which is one of our best-sellers. Since 2005,
Premium Pulleys have been sold all over the world which just goes to
show what sort of high standards we have maintained throughout the
years. It also proves that our products are tried, tested and trusted
worldwide. And now? We have designed and manufactured what we
believe to be our best MINI Cooper S pulley yet!
Here are just a few reasons what you can gain from a KAVS Motorsport
Reduced Supercharger Pulley:
• when the supercharger spins faster than normal, more air flows to the
combustion chamber, which results in more oxygen, more power and
torque all over the revs;
• the engine runs more efficiently and if you don’t alter your driving style,
you should see an increase in fuel economy;
• a reduced supercharger pulley is one of the most cost-effective mods for
a supercharged car and can lead to big performance gains;
• our rare, double-edge pulley design has unique grooves with precisely
finished round angles, which help preserve the life of your supercharger
• when combined with other quality components for a complete engine
package, you can expect to see big power gains, way up to 300+ HP.