MINI Cooper S R53 Bypass Valve

MINI Cooper S R53 Bypass Valve

90,00 150,00 

KAVS Motorsport bypass valve is a re-worked or used OEM valve which is modified to eliminate the “Yo-Yo” effect in the MINI Cooper S. The butterfly
assembly on our valve is adjusted to fully close allowing the boost to reach its maximum. This is really important when you change the supercharger pulley and raise the boost. Our Bypass Valve does not allow air to leak between valve and intake pipe. Which simply means more boost and more power. We also added a stronger spring to overcome the vacuum condition so it won’t open too soon. All this is made to get the best throttle response in your MINI! Manytimes MINI loses power overnight. This comes from a broken spring in your bypass valve. It’s a cheap and a good method to refurbish your own unit on an exchange basis. Or you order NEW unit for your car.

The “Yo-Yo”effect is the
opening and closing of
the valve at around 2500
rpms and it feels like
you’re stepping on and
off the throttle pedal

Weight 5 kg

New, Refubrished