Mini Cooper S crank pulley

Mini Cooper S reduced lightweight crank pulley

140,00 150,00 

The KAVS Motorsport Lightweight Crankshaft Pulley for the R52/R53
Mini Cooper S is a great addition to our Reduced Supercharger pulley
and the Enlarged Alternator Pulley as well. It’s a forged, solid unit, made
out of the highest quality T6061 billet aluminium. Our Lightweight
Crankshaft pulley is about 5x lighter than the original pulley and the
consequence of weight reduction on rotation mass is a better throttle
response and free-revving. Your stock crank pulley is ageing and will
probably fail soon, so now is the perfect time for a replacement or an
upgrade with our KIT 3 or even with an 8 RIB one. It’s a great solution
for your future problems and a big add to HP as well.
Available sizes: 0% | 1% | 2% | 3% Oversize