MINI Cooper front arm spacers

MINI Cooper S front arm spacers

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Front Arm Spacers improve the suspension geometry by reducing
roll-center movement in MINIs with modified suspension set ups. The
roll-center on the stock front suspension of the MINI Cooper and Cooper S
experiences large movements when cornering; the result of which c
ompromises handling and results in poor feedback to the driver, not the
best of outcome for serious drivers. Altering the front suspension geometry
by raising the roll-center results in an extensive increase of roll resistance
and, importantly, the reduction of suspension compression of the outside
front wheel during cornering through enhanced weight transfer
You may see all of this data as a potential disaster, but you can lower your
shields, KAVS Motorsport has the right solution!KAVS Motorsport Front
Arm Spacers have been specially developed to correct this problem and the
result is the following: Dramatically improved handling characteristics for
any type of MINI; whether your car is standard/lightly modified (street) or a
fully stripped track monster (competition). By upgrading to the KAVS
Motorsport Front Arm Spacers, you will experience a lot more feedback
through your steering wheel allowing your car to feel more responsive on
the shopping run, or on the fast corners of a race circuit!